Being Dead isn't so bad.
A story idea that’s been bothering me.

I am The Keeper of Lost Memories.

This was my chosen part since birth.

To preside over the Desert of Deserted Memories.

I have long since accepted this fact. Just as my friend has accepted that she is the Keeper of New Memories.

I am Memo, and she is Ries. Our names are two parts of a whole. And such are we.

We are The Keepers. And we shall continue our jobs until our replacements come, and we too move on like so many before us. As it was, so shall it be.

Sometimes I miss her, we grew up together, Ries was always so nice. She always wanted to make new memories together, when I just wanted to keep old ones. I guess, considering where we both ended up… It all makes sense now.


I am The Keeper of New Memories.

I was chosen for this part since birth.

To preside over the Sea of Memories.

I accepted this fact, and with it, broght Memo into the light of his destiny. He is The Keeper of Lost Memories.

I am Ries, I have known my destiny for years, much longer then Memo did. I guess it was also apart of my destiny to show Memo his.

We are The Keepers. Destined to know each other, and love each other, but never be together. We both have duties which we must see to.

I do love Memo. There’s no way of getting around that. Memo is my other half. But we can never be together until the time comes. A terrible age is coming. And I’m afraid Memo is none the wiser about it. I hope he’ll know what to do when the time comes.

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